• Advance Learner Loan

Advance Learner Loan

Advanced Learner Loan have been introduced by the UK government for learners aged 19 and over studying at Level 3, Level 4 or Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships from 1st August 2013 (there an upper age limit for someone applying for a loan) Career progression starts here.

  •  Are you aged 19 or over and thinking about undergoing higher level education? You may qualify for a Advance Learner loan.
  •  The loan is to help pay for tuition fees required by your college or training provider.
  •  Advance Learner loans have been available since August 2013. The purpose of these loans is to help those over the age of 24 pay for their tuition fees for courses at levels 3 and 4. Typically candidates over the age of 19 are longer eligible for funded training.
  •  Levels 3 and 4 courses include: A levels, higher education diplomas and other certificates. The use of Advance Learner loans allows you to pay for your course up front and make repayments in a manageable way.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a loan you must meet the following requirements.

  • Be aged 19 or older upon the day that your course begins.
  •  Currently live in the UK on the day your course starts and also have lived in the UK for at least 3 years before your course starts.
  •  Be enrolling in a legitimate course at levels 3 or 4.

Money Available from the loan

The amount of money available is dependent on your course and the fees that are charged by your college or training provider. 

You may choose to take out a loan to cover all of your training fees or you may wish to pay half of the tuition fees yourself and take out a loan to cover the rest of the costs. However the minimum loan you may take out is £300.

Loan Repayment Guidelines

  • Loan repayments don't start until you complete your course; you start to pay back your loan upon the completion of your course and when you are earning £25,000 a year or higher.

  • Repayments will stop if your salary drops below this level 

For more information: Guides & Terms and conditions

How to Apply

Apply to your college or training provider - each one has its own application process. How much you get depends on the provider's scheme and your circumstances.

Loan Bursary Fund

You may apply to get money from the Loan Bursary Fund after you've received a letter approving your 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. 

The money can help pay for things like:

  •  Accommodation and travel
  •  Course materials and equipment
  •  Childcare
  •  Classroom assistance for a disability or learning difficulty - once you're assessed by your college or training provider

How the Money is Paid

Your college or training provider decides how the money is paid. You'll normally be paid direct. You might be able to arrange for the money to be paid to someone else instead, eg your landlord or childcare provider. In some situations fund money must be paid back. This is generally if you're a student experiencing a temporary financial difficulty and need a loan - eg for a train season ticket, field trip or rental deposit.


You can apply even if you get other types of funding, eg:

  •  Professional and Career Development Loans
  •  Disability Living Allowance

You can't apply if you're: