Matt Hancock: my priorities for the health and social care system

24.08.18 09:39 AM By bala

The Health and Social Care Secretary spoke to hospital staff about his priorities: the workforce, technology and prevention.

Everyone has an affection for their local NHS hospital

So it’s wonderful to be here at my local hospital: the West Suffolk.

I’m so proud of what you do and how in these challenging times you have become one of the best hospitals in the country, so congratulations. You are not just rated outstanding but the best comparable trust in the country to work at, or receive care from, in the latest national NHS staff survey.

Workforce, technology and prevention - These are my 3 early priorities.

They are intertwined and they cut across everything my department does.

Whether from the social care providers looking after the most vulnerable in society to NHS England commissioning services, to every GP practice and every public health official and everyone who provides care for their fellow citizen – family or stranger alike. One NHS and social care system, working together to improve patient safety and outcomes.

In a spirit of collaboration, not competition, towards our common goal.

This is an important moment. As a country we have decided to invest £20 billion more in funding for our NHS.

And as a country we need to find a sustainable approach to fund fair social care for all.

Now is a moment to define how these sums are spent for the next generation.

The amazing workforce must feel more involved and I want to see health and care professions as the very best places to work.

The amazing modern technology now at our fingertips must be harnessed for the good of patients and the good of those who care for them.

And the amazing power to improve outcomes by prevention rather than cure must be realised.

All of this in aid of a simple goal to enhance the well-being of the nation.

Behind which I know we can all unite.

One workforce working to the same goal together.

That is my goal. I know it is your goal too.

It is my duty and deep honour to be asked to play my part in leading the way.

And in doing this I will be by your side at every step.

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