Chosen Care Group Ltd is an experienced Domiciliary Care provider, offering services to a wide range of clients, including those eligible for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding. Since 2012, we have supported more than 300 service users and delivered over 125,000 hours of CARE. We provide care in 5 boroughs Redbridge, Walthamforest, Barking and Dagneham, Newham and Havering.

Chosen Care Group Training division registered with Edexcel, City and Guilds, and NCFE as an approved provider of health and social care qualifications from levels 1 to 5. This means that we can quickly arrange training to meet the changing needs of service users.

Our person-centred services fully involve service users and carers to ensure that the care and support we provide enhances quality of life whilst helping people to recover. We carefully recruit the best staff and train and support them effectively, to ensure that people have a positive experience of care. We provide safe services by promoting an open culture, underpinned by staff training, policies and processes based on best practice, effective care planning and risk management.

Through integrated multidisciplinary working, we help people to recover from illness or injury. We deliver care in Tiers 1-3 and nursing care, and utilise person-centred care planning, so that service users have maximum choice and control over their care plan development and delivery.

Our team has been forming and sustaining integrated approaches for over 25 years, based on the 3 principles of information sharing, joint decision-making, and coordinated intervention. Our approach is to engage with partners to discuss how we will work together to optimise care, reduce risks and avoid duplication, thereby maximising value for money.

When we accept a referral for a new service user, we assign a named representative, responsible for coordinating care and for communicating with other agencies. Their details are given to the person's GP, District Nurse, and other professionals involved in their care.

We integrate with Community Health Services by taking a multidisciplinary (MDT) approach to care planning and delivery, as demonstrated by the following case study.

When our service users use acute or tertiary care, we help them to access appointments, including accompanying them, subject to their care needs and appropriate risk assessment. Before the appointment, we alert the provider if the service user has any communication

Needs or access requirements. We continue to accompany the service user to appointments up to the point of admission, where we share any advanced decisions with the acute provider. We inform the service user's family, our commissioners and the service user's GP about their admission.

We maintain continuity of care on release by assigning regular workers to temporary duties during the hospital stay, so that they can provide support on discharge, contributing to a positive experience of care.

We enable our service users to access the full range of primary care health services, by ensuring they are registered with a GP, and attend regular check-ups and medication reviews. We contact primary healthcare teams as soon as possible if there is a change in the service user's condition, such as new symptoms, so that they can receive treatment as quickly as possible. We build up good relationships with Primary Care Practices, so that we can ask for advice, for example, if a service user needs to be seen by a GP, or whether a pharmacist would be able to offer help and advice. This makes the best use of resources.

Members of the wider primary care team, such as GPs, often contribute to a care package. Where this is the case, we support integrated delivery, and alert to any changes in condition. We do this by making direct contact, and arranging multi-disciplinary reviews of the person's care plan.

We often work with social care as part of an MDT, if we think that a service user has an unmet social care need, one of our own Social Service Managers will contact the local social work team to make a referral.

We specialise in Case Management service: Case management is a well-established way of integrating services around the complex needs of people with long-term conditions. It is a targeted, community-based and pro-active approach that identifies individuals at high risk of hospital admission, assesses their needs, produces a personal care plan, and ensures co-ordination of that plan

Chosen Care Group Ltd specialise in brain and spinal injury, we work with families, solicitors and other professionals to offer a comprehensive case management service tailored to the needs of the client, the family and the medico-legal process We have a profile of over 200 support staff, with approximately 80% of these on duty at any one time. We also have a bank of over 100 staff that we can call upon for new service users. This gives us sufficient flexibility to maximise staff continuity without conflicting demands.

We offer a 24/7 service with a designated on-call rota outside of office hours. We use the People Planner monitoring, scheduling and management system to record and mange real-time information covering all aspects of service provision, and to provide us with details to support staff allocations and continuity of care analysis.

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